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Vezo Knowledge: Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Andavadoaka, southwest Madagascar

  • Wednesday, 26 July 2006 04:30
Langley, J. M. - Blue Ventures Conservation Report


Many fisheries and marine conservation management projects throughout the world have been dogged by failure as a result of a lack of  acceptance of management interventions by local communities. Evaluation of these failed studies has produced extensive guidelines, manuals and new fields of study (Bunce and Pomeroy, 2004). Community engagement, participatory research, and promoting the use of local knowledge have repeatedly emerged as steps necessary to address the problem of managing the development of people and their economies while  simultaneously protecting the environment (Berkes et al, 2001; Bunce and Pomeroy, 2004; Wibera et al, 2004; Scholz et al, 2004). Blue Ventures Conservation and its partners, Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marines (IHSM) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), are working together to ensure that conservation measures are adopted by the community of Andavadoaka to promote sustainable development locally, and to develop community-based coastal management initiatives.