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The 2004-2005 census of Andavadoaka, southwest Madagascar

  • Tuesday, 09 May 2006 23:00
Langley, J. M. - Blue Ventures Conservation Report


The purpose of this report is to provide baseline socioeconomic information to be used in developing, monitoring and evaluating coastal resources management initiatives in the village of Andavadoaka.

Andavadoaka is a small coastal fishing village in Southwest Madagascar. Conservation NGOs Blue Ventures and the Wildlife Conservation Society are currently developing research and conservation initiatives in the village with the aim of conserving local marine and coastal ecosystems, developing more sustainable fisheries, and addressing barriers to resource management in the area.  Projects underway include demonstrating the benefits of marine reserves, developing a more sustainable octopus fishery through rotational  reserves, and a variety of capacity building and environmental education programmes.  In order to determine the socioeconomic effects of these activities and to ensure that any impact on the society is positive, Blue Ventures is currently monitoring specific socioeconomic characteristics of the village.

This report details various socioeconomic aspects of the village community, which include coastal uses and activities as well as social structure, presenting the findings of the first investigation into the socioeconomic status of Andavdoaka. The basis of this report is Blue Ventures’ socio-economic research programme in Andavadoaka.  The main sources of data are a census carried out between 2004 and 2005, and interviews with members of the community. While this information provides a baseline for future reference in assessing project impacts, it also serves to help identify potential issues that may need to be addressed by coastal management initiatives.

Ecological surveys are being conducted concurrently with the collection of socioeconomic information presented in this report.
Blue Ventures’ marine environmental monitoring programme is working to assess the status of the marine environment of Andavadoaka, and includes monitoring of a wide range of biological and physical parameters. Research focuses on coral reef habitats, however project scientists are also working to assess the location, species composition and productivity of seagrass and mangrove habitats within the region.

Blue Ventures currently monitors approximately 15 coral reef sites within a 10km radius of Andavadoaka. These sites represent a broad range of reef types in a variety of conditions of health. The results of these monitoring efforts enable a detailed evaluation of reef status, providing high quality ecological data to support socioeconomic and fisheries monitoring studies, and upon which management recommendations can be made, with the overall aim of promoting more sustainable use of the marine resources upon which the Andavadoaka community depends.