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Fanjavola Rakotozafy

Community Liaison Officer Community Liaison Officer Toliara, Madagascar

Fanja joined Blue Ventures' fisheries team in April 2013, and is responsible for leading the development of female fisher groups in villages throughout coastal southwest Madagascar. She is working to empower women to get more involved in sustainable fisheries management, with a focus on the artisanal octopus fishery that is of such great importance to women. Fanja is also fulfilling a key community liaison role to ensure the continued uptake of temporary closures as the key octopus fishery management technique across the region.

Prior to this position, Fanja was the clinicial technician for Blue Ventures' community health programme over four years, responsible for raising awareness about sexual and reproductive health in Velondriake, as well as providing family planning services to women and couples. In her new role, she acts as an important link between our community health and fisheries work, integrating both through her village outreach work.

Before starting with Blue Ventures in 2009, Fanja studied Geography at the University of Toliara and worked with Marie Stopes for two years.