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Careers - Overseas (3)

Blue Ventures is growing rapidly and intensifying current programmes, whilst expanding the geographical scope of our work and diversity of our conservation initiatives. As part of this expansion, we are pleased to announce a number of openings for management positions within our conservation, education and community health programmes in Madagascar. 

These roles offer superb experience for future careers in applied marine and terrestrial conservation. Salaries are variable depending on the position and candidate experience.

Blue Ventures offer discounted volunteer expeditions for medical professionals who can provide health, safety and general treatment for our marine conservation and research programmes in Madagascar.

Asa          Mpandrindra ny Fampandrosoana ny Fiompiana vokatra an- dranomasina

Faharetana            12 volana (farafahakeliny) ka hatramin’ny  3 taona

Toerana iasana       Velondriake, faritra atsimo andrefan’I Madakasikara

Asa :        Mpandrindra Fanabeazana mikasika ny Tontolo Iainana  (toerana 2)

Fotoana iasana :             12 volana (farafahakeliny) ka hatramin’ny 3 taona 

Toerana iasana       Velondriake, faritra atsimo andrefan’i Madakasikara