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From reef to plate - Belize combats the lionfish
26th March 2014
Sea Turtles Are Endangered, But 42,000 Were Killed Legally Last Year
27th February 2014
How the 'Avon' model is empowering women to 'inspire change' in Madagascar
7th March 2014

We work with journalists, news agencies and the world’s media to communicate our work, and to tell the human story of conservation through the eyes and voices of the traditional fishers.


TV5 - Coup de pouce por la planete
29th March 2010
Africa Geographic magazine - All at Sea
2nd March 2010
Developments Magazine - Madagascar Marine Ecology
22nd February 2010
Condé Nast Traveler 2010 Environment Award
2nd January 2010


National Geographic Traveler - Tours of a Lifetime: 50 of the World's Best Trips!
31st December 2009
National Geographic Adventure - The 25 Best Adventure Travel Trips
31st December 2009
Marie Claire - 10 Best Eco Travel Holidays
31st December 2009
BV researcher's visit to Fiji makes history
17th August 2009
BV Fiji features in launch issue of new US travel magazine
17th August 2009
Madagascar's sea nomads
5th August 2009
Alternative livelihoods for fisherwomen
27th July 2009
Overfishing in Madagascar (Reuters)
18th July 2009
Interview with Al Harris, National Geographic Weekender
30th May 2009
Malagasy conservation campaign acclaimed by Rare
20th May 2009
BV volunteer wins top prize in national photography contest
17th April 2009
Blue Ventures named in Top 50 Ecotourism Websites
18th March 2009
Taking a step back in time
8th March 2009
For the environment
26th February 2009
Conserving Madagascar's Coast
16th December 2008
Interview with Roger Samba, winner of the WWF Getty Award
4th December 2008
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