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Measuring the impacts of mangrove REDD+ activities on biodiversity in NW Madagascar

Supervisors: Aude Carro, Kate England
Location: desk (UK) and/or desk/field (Madagascar)
Duration: min 6 months

An integrated REDD+ strategy requires a framework to measure the impacts of project activities on local biodiversity. Blue Ventures is investigating the feasibility of a REDD+ Project for the NW coast, and this requires the establishment of a biodiversity baseline which allows monitoring according to CCBA (Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Alliance) standards.

Specifically, this includes desk-based analysis of studies to identify High Conservation Values in mangrove forests (and associated habitats) at the project site. This will include reviews of atlas data and previous studies to identify 1) intact and protected areas, critical and rare habitat types, 2) mangrove-dependent, invasive, and at-risk species, and 3) species vulnerable to climate change impacts.

For identified High Conservation Value areas, habitats, and key species, the investigator will need to analyse 1) atlas and distribution data to quantify the range covered by each High Conservation Value in the project area, 2) contemporary population dynamics and threats to High Conservation Values, and 3) an investigation into the chronology of key species life history including migration and breeding.

The end-product will be a comprehensive biodiversity baseline and an identification of existing data-gaps, which could then be followed up by field studies to fulfil gaps in biodiversity data. Another potential addition to the project is a review of existing monitoring protocols specific to the identified High Conservation Values.

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