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Winnie Courtene-Jones

Field Scientist Field Scientist Bacalar Chico, Belize

Winnie has always had a fascination in the natural world and in marine life in particular. This passion increased once she learnt to dive and saw the huge diversity of marine species both in the UK and further afield. She completed a BSc Zoology and Animal Behaviour at the University of Wales, Bangor and gained a MRes (with distinction!) in Marine Biology at Plymouth University. During her studies she spent time in Florida researching manatee, and studying Lake Malawi cichlid fish in Africa.

Previously, while working in Tanzania, Winnie coordinated a dive research programme, monitoring coral and Indian Ocean fish species; also establishing a whale shark photo-ID and monitoring project. Extensive work has been conducted researching the bottlenose dolphin population of Cardigan Bay, Wales. Here she took part in photo-ID and acoustic tracking studies, presenting research at National and International conferences.

The position of Field Scientist encompasses Winnie's passions of being out in the field, travelling and experiencing new things, making this an ideal role for her. 

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