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From reef to plate - Belize combats the lionfish
26th March 2014
Sea Turtles Are Endangered, But 42,000 Were Killed Legally Last Year
27th February 2014
How the 'Avon' model is empowering women to 'inspire change' in Madagascar
7th March 2014

We work with journalists, news agencies and the world’s media to communicate our work, and to tell the human story of conservation through the eyes and voices of the traditional fishers.

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36 – number of high school students supported this academic year
112 – number of girls supported this academic year
2006 - year that the school scholarships began

June 2nd, 2013: An interview in Reporter newspaper by Rowland A Parks with Blue Ventures' Country Coordinator in Belize, Jennifer Chapman


May 30th PlusTV Belize: Conservationist promotes lionfish consumption and export, an interview by PlusTV Belize with Blue Ventures' Country Coordinator in Belize, Jennifer Chapman


Dfid Project Reference: GPAF-IMP-044 

Project title: Improving the profitability and ecological sustainability of octopus fisheries for 10,940 fishers in Madagascar 

Start date: 1st February 2013

End date: 31st January 2016

All published documents can be found below:

Original project proposal (PDF)

Original DFID project budget (PDF)








February 2013's Population Matters Magazine features an article, The Women Are Waiting: Conservation through Reproductive Health Service Provision, by Blue Ventures' Communications and Programme Development Officer Taylor Mayol

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 16:33

Aquaculture Infographic

Aquaculture Infographic by Blue Ventures - An infographic by the team at Blue Ventures

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19th February 2013, London, UK - Blue Ventures launches a tenth anniversary competition on Facebook to win a unique 6-week volunteering expedition to Belize or Madagascar this summer

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