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MELITA SAMOILYS is a leading marine biologist. Since 2010 she has visited 72 coral reefs in east Africa. On only one did she see a shark. That is because so many black-tipped, white-tipped and grey sharks have been served up as shark fin soup, a delicacy in China. Article from The Economist

06 March 2012, London. Leveraging markets to conserve mangrove biodiversity and alleviate poverty in Madagascar

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Trouble has Eight Limbs


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Blue Ventures feature in Outlook News Magazine for our work on octopus fisheries


Thursday, 17 November 2011 00:00

Jo Hudson

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Winter 2011 Edition 36

  • Exploring the Barren Isles
  • Radio Feom'Bezo: Integrated conservation messages
  • 'Finding Nemo'... and some Kenyan inspiration as well
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IMG 1276Danny joined our September 2011 Madagascar expedition.

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RadoRado joined our November 2011 Madagascar expedition.

21 December 2011, New York. A 14-year study finds need for increased protections for parrotfish and other herbivores in marine reserves. 

15 December 2011, Madagascar. Blue Ventures has built on their marine turtle fishery and conservation programme as their awareness-raising marine turtle festival has expanded 400 km northwards along the west coast of Madagascar.