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9th April 2013, Brussels, Belgium - As negotiations on the reform of the European Union's Common Fisheries Policy, or CFP, enter the final and decisive stage, more than 217 civil society groups are calling on EU fisheries ministers to support an end to overfishing and the speedy restoration of fish stocks.

15th February 2013, London, UK – On Monday 25th February, Blue Ventures will join Hugh's Fish Fight, the Marine Conservation Society, SeaLife, BSAC  and hundreds of supporters, to march to Westminster and let the UK government know that we want them to protect our seas!

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Chapman, J.K. -Blue Ventures Conservation Report
Monday, 12 November 2012 23:00

Autumn 2012 Edition 39

  • The IUCN's World Conservation Congress
  • From Toliara's Sights to Hong Kong's Bright Lights
  • Diving Deep in Belize