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16th April 2014, Belize: In April Jennifer Chapman, Belize Country Coordinator, appeared on LoveFM's Making Waves radio show, where she talked about the lionfish invasion

Andriamalala G., Peabody S., Gardner C.J. & Westerman K. 2013. Conservation Evidence, 10 pp 37-41
Gardner, C., Nicoll, M.E., Ratsifandrihamanana, A.N., Virah-Sawmy, M., Mbohoahy, T., Ratsirarson, J., Oleson, K.L.L, de Roland, L.A.R., Zafindrasilivonona, B. and Davies, Z.G..  2013. Journal of Applied Ecology, 50 pp 1289-1294

2nd June 2014, London, UK - Dr Vik Mohan is going to talk about Blue Ventures' integrated approach to conservaton at the next Anglo-Malagasy Society meeting on Wednesday June 25th.

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Harris, A., Wilson, S., Graham, N. and Sheppard, C.  2014. AQUATIC CONSERVATION: MARINE AND FRESHWATER ECOSYSTEMS
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La mangrove « poumon vert » en danger

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8th May 2014, Antsiranana, Madagascar: Our Blue Forests research in the north of Madagascar is featured in Le Tribune de Diego et de Nord de Madagascar 

10th February 2014, Ambanja, Madagascar - New research presents the first total carbon stock estimates of mangrove ecosystem in Madagascar