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27 February 2014: Blue Ventures' research Sea Turtles Are Endangered, But 42,000 Were Killed Legally Last Year was featured in The Huffington Post 


13 February 2014: The blog "Shark fishers in Madagascar sell fins for pennies" is featured in the National Geographic. 

Friday, 20 September 2013 13:34

Invest in our marine innovation lab

We are committed to developing new approaches for safeguarding threatened marine biodiversity and the livelihoods of some of the world’s poorest coastal communities. Our strategy focuses on identifying innovative incentive-based models that can be taken to scale by communities and partners worldwide.

By investing in our marine innovation lab, you are making a critical contribution to moving our work to the next level, enabling us to expand our impact by pioneering and driving the adoption of new approaches for locally led marine conservation worldwide. 

As a non-profit social enterprise, we harness your support to develop effective models for catalysing and financing coastal protection. We work to grow - rather than simply spend - your investment in Blue Ventures.

Lab members


Join us in driving the adoption of our community based conservation models by making a donation to our field-based innovations across the tropical developing world. By donating to our marine innovation lab you will become part of an exclusive group who are closely involved with our work. You will be invited to informal events and focus groups, updated on our current news and part of BV's future by helping to develop our integrated conservation solutions. 

For UK based donors only: You can also donate to the innovation lab by texting "BLUE20" and the amount you wish to give to 70070 (JustTextGiving by Vodafone), for example, "BLUE20 £20". Both this and BT's MyDonate are free services, which means that every penny you give goes towards supporting our conservation innovations.

You can also support our school scholarships fund, which provides young people from our partner communities with the educational opportunities they need to develop their skills and become the conservation leaders of tomorrow.

True to our mission

Pirogue race with Vezo aho sailAs a field-based conservation organisation and British registered charity (number 1098893), 92% of our spending is channelled directly to charitable activities, supporting our conservation programmes across the tropical developing world.

We steer clear of smart offices, and reject the excesses of many large conservation organisations. We keep office and administration costs to a minimum, with staff living and working alongside local community members wherever possible.

As a mission-driven organisation, with an exciting vision for our innovations to benefit 1 million of the world’s poorest coastal people by 2015, we count on strategic and unrestricted investment in order to be able to pursue new opportunities for networking communities and supporting partners to drive adoption of our models.

In kind support

give as you liveGive through your online shopping

If you are based in the United Kingdom then you can support us by using Give as you Live. Simply sign up and you will donate to us every time you shop online - at no extra cost to yourself!

Laptops and mobile phones

Many of our staff are based in remote and rugged locations, where these essential work tools tend to take a lot of wear. As a result, we are always happy to accept used laptops or mobile phones in good working condition for our field-based teams. Smartphones are particularly welcome, as we use these for collecting scientific data in the field. Please contact us for more information.

Lab partners

Companies and organisations can engage with us as innovation lab partners by playing a direct role in the elaboration and achievement of our strategy, from research and development through to scaling and driving adoption of our models. Please contact us to find out more about opportunities for partnership and collaboration.

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Thursday, 22 September 2011 15:25

Engaging youth in conservation

Our integrated education programme includes a variety of locally led initiatives, from classroom workshops and youth club sessions to village outreach tours and radio broadcasts. It supports young people to develop leadership and critical thinking skills, and to play an active role in marine conservation and community development.

Saturday, 24 September 2011 11:26

Our scholars

Meet some of our scholars to find out what education means to them - please
donate to Blue Ventures' school scholarships programme to help more bright young people in southwest Madagascar pursue their dreams!

Angelitina comes from Andavadoaka and is being supported by Blue Ventures to attend high school (lycee) in the nearby town of Morombe.
She is in the second class (lowest grade in high school) and her favourite subject is Earth and Life Sciences because she wants to become a doctor. In her spare time she likes to play basketball. She thinks that education is important for girls because it means that they can have the same rights as boys.


Anselme is one of Blue Ventures' first school scholars to attend university. He was a member of the Club AloAlo while at school in Andavadoaka and has been interested in environmental protection from a young age. Anselme is studying Geography at the University of Toliara and hopes to be able to use the skills that he is gaining in order to help his community with conservation in the future. He was recently awarded a Samba-Getty scholarship in support of his higher education. 


Miandry comes from Andavadoaka where his family depend on fishing for their livelihood. Blue Ventures has been supporting Miandry to attend school for the past three years. He is now in his final year at the high school (lycee) in Morombe and serves as student association president. Miandry would like to become a teacher so that he can share his knowledge with others.


Clemence is one of 115 girls being supported by Blue Ventures to attend school. She studies at the College Sainte Famille in Andavadoaka where she is in the third class (highest grade in middle school). Her favourite subjects are Earth and Life Sciences, and Malagasy. Clemence would like to be a police officer when she grows up.


Fabien completed his schooling with support from Blue Ventures, and is now studying Earth and Life Sciences at the University of Toliara. His favourite subjects in school were Maths and Physics. Fabien hopes to be able to use the knowledge that he is gaining in order to work for Blue Ventures in Andavadoaka one day and thereby help his community with conservation. He was recently awarded a Samba-Getty scholarship in support of his higher education.






Wednesday, 05 May 2010 00:00

Velondriake community scholarships

Each year Blue Ventures awards scholarships for community members in the Velondriake area to undertake an intensive six-week training course in marine science and conservation research alongside our international expedition volunteers. The programme focuses on learning how to scuba dive, conduct ecological surveys and identify species. It reflects Blue Ventures' strong committment to investing in people, building local capacity and nurturing marine conservation from the grassroots.

More than a dozen villagers have received scuba certifications to date, including two who have reached the level of dive master and one who has since become Madagascar’s first open water scuba instructor. Our scholars have gone on to assist with a variety of community-based conservation initiatives in Velondriake.

Velondriake community scholar profiles


Dominique Razafisanais 22 years old. He lives in Andavadoaka and was previously a fisherman. Now he helps Blue Ventures with surveys and data entry. His favourite aspect of the course was learning about marine biology.


Joeline Jean-Baptiste is 23 years old. She lives in Andavadoaka and was previously a sea cucumber collector. Joeline is now a sexual health peer educator for Blue Ventures. The aspect she enjoyed most about the course was working with computers.

Edgar Andronic is 25 years old. He lives in Lamboara and was previously a fisherman. Now he helps Blue Ventures with surveys and data entry. The aspect he enjoyed most about the course was working with computers.


Tolotra Tolojanahary is 25 years old. He comes from Antsatsamaroy and was previously a sea cucumber collector. The aspect he enjoyed most about the course was learning about marine biology.

Bridgete Finy is 30 years old. She lives in Andavadoaka and was previously a cook at the Manga Lodge restaurant. Her favourite aspect of the course was the diving.


Samson Albain is 24 years old. He comes from Tampolove and was previously a fisherman. Samson most enjoyed the community development aspect of the course.


Sakira Izidoro is 26 years old. He comes from Vatoavo and was previously a migrant fisherman. Now he helps Blue Ventures with surveys and data entry. The aspect he enjoyed most about the course was the diving.

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