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Brown lemur at Isalo

Short film showing highlights of the initial reconnaissance project for Blue Ventures in 2001 and 2002

In this music video, a local youth band sings about the importance of protecting your environment. Music is a great way to engage local communities

The village of Andavadoaka in southwest Madagascar is presented with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Equator Prize

This film (by Brian Jones) gives an overview of the LMMA forum that happened in Andavadoaka in the middle of June. 17 villages from throughout Madagascar came, as well as government officials and representatives from NGOs. There were talks, discussions and workshops all focusing on developing an national LMMA network

If you're lucky enough to be on the dive camp at Bacalar Chico in late summer (around August) you will be able to see cicada undergo metamorphosis

Blue Ventures have opened an office in Maintirano, the closest town to the Barren Isles on mainland Madagascar, in order to work with the community to conserve these remote outposts of luxurious marine life on the west coasts barrier reef. These reefs are far enough offshore that they have escaped the overfishing and sedimentation that have ravaged most of the reefs along this shore

If you visit Blue Ventures Belize you will work closely with the community of Sarteneja and support their conservation efforts in the beautiful Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. Here mangroves are a critical habitat for manatee, shark, and numerous fish and birds, and the Sartenejans are their guardians

Prepared by Vezo community members and Blue Ventures scientists, this video gives an insight into coral reefs and their importance to the Vezo community

A conservationist and social entrepreneur, Al has spent a decade researching and tackling marine environmental crises in developing countries

An Interview with the Blue Ventures Project Coordinator DR.Garth Cripps

As an expert in measuring the socio-economic situation of a community, Bienvenue knows that education and literacy have proven, widespread, positive impacts, in Velondriake and the world over

A short profile on one of the scholars being sponsored by the Blue Ventures scholarship programme. Patrick Ngily is one of 200 students involved and a future bright spark for the Velondriake LMMA.

Interviews with employees on why they are proud to be working with Blue Ventures

Interviews with employees on why they are proud to be working with Blue Ventures