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Madagascar as a case of study for red seaweed farming implementation in the WIO

Supervisors: Aurélie Naudé
Location: desk (UK)
Duration: min 3-6 months

Red seaweed has been farmed for more than 40 years in South-East Asia; originating in the Philippines and slowly spreading out to Indonesia and other countries in the region on a smaller scale.
To create a new centre for seaweed production in the world, East Africa has been identified as a region with great potential, and Madagascar, with over 5000 km of coastline, is one of the best candidates to pioneer seaweed aquaculture development in the WIO region.
Pushed by local companies, international seaweed buyers and international funders, the red seaweed development has seen some great success in Madagascar, but has also been facing some challenges.
This project would entail an overview of the different steps from the initiation of seaweed farming, to the current situation, and an analysis of the results and their evolution up to now. This would give a global vision of the process, as well as giving key understanding and improvements that need to be done for a more harmonious development of this activity; promising way to exploit the coast sustainably.

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