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Effectiveness of community-based marine aquaculture in Western Indian Ocean: what can be learned from past and present, successes and failures in order to further development

Supervisors: Aurélie Naudé
Location: desk (UK)
Duration: min 3-6 months

Numerous community-based marine aquaculture projects have been implemented, or are currently being implemented, in the WIO region; examples of innovative and sustainable market based solutions to traditional marine conservation problems.
Conducting a review of the past and present aquaculture initiatives in the WIO would allow Blue Ventures to assess the successes and failures of such schemes. An analysis of the positive and negative results, as well as an analysis of the typology of approaches in place to manage community based marine initiatives would help to characterise the strategies of successful projects.
Such an analysis would provide guidelines for development and conservation practitioners as well as social business developers, to increase the efficiency of marine aquaculture projects in terms of incomes generated and environmental sustainability.

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