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A study of local farmer income over the course of the aquaculture programme since 2007

Supervisors: Aurélie Naudé
Location: desk (UK)
Duration: min 3-6 months

Blue Ventures has been promoting seaweed and sea cucumber aquaculture as an alternative livelihood to fishing, in the Velondriake Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA) in the SW of Madagascar, since 2007.
Since the initiation, the project has been improving its approach and addressed several technical issues, with the incomes generated by these activities significantly increasing. The project has been collecting data on the incomes generated since the outset, and a formal analysis of this, looking at both seaweed and sea cucumbers aquaculture, in comparison to the future investments necessary by the project beneficiaries would give a clearer vision to the prospective dynamics and sustainability of the project.
This analysis could also produce advice and direction to potentially restructure the project, especially in relation BV’ the efforts to create a sustainable, long term livelihood alternative by 2015 when the aquaculture programme ends.

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