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Aurélie Naudé

Aquaculture Project Coordinator Aquaculture Project Coordinator Toliara, Madagascar

Aurélie is responsible for coordinating the community-based aquaculture projects in Southwest Madagascar, aiming to develop sustainable alternative livelihoods for coastal communities through seaweed and sea cucumber farming. Her work includes coordinating and development of aquaculture activities, capacity building for farmers, developing public/private partnerships and increasing resilience of communities to climate change.

A Masters graduate in Agro-International Development, from ISTOM, she has worked in Vietnam, Madagascar and Costa Rica where she studied mechanisms of innovative services in order to support small and medium producers. From 2009 to 2012 she worked as an environmental and climate change consultant in Paris, in parallel, she was a coordinator volunteer of a foundation supporting the creation of small businesses in Africa via microfinance. She is highly interested in using a long term approach integrating natural resources management by working with communities.

Aurélie joined the Blue Ventures team in September 2013.

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