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Antoine Rougier

Aquaculture Consultant Aquaculture Consultant France

After spending some years as an Aquaculture Project Coordinator for Blue Ventures, responsible for the village aquaculture projects in the Velondriake region which are focusing on red seaweed and sea cucumber farming, Antoine is now an Aquaculture Consultant for the BV Aquaculture Programme.

Antoine has a technical diploma in ‘Inland and Marine Aquaculture’, a bachelor in ‘Agro-Development and International Trade’ and also has an Engineer Diploma in ‘Tropical Agriculture and International Development’.

Antoine first visited Madagascar in 2007 when he was working for a French NGO as the coordinator of a community-based ecotourism project on whale watching around the island of St. Mary.

Between 2008-2010, he was responsible for the coordination and management of production sites for the main seaweed farming company in Madagascar, which was based in the North East of the country.  He was also project manager for a public-private partnership within this company that was focused on village based seaweed farming development.

Antoine joined the BV Andavadoaka team in November 2010

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